Green Building Strategy

In the process of gradual fulfilling the Vision Zero the board of directors at the last AGM presented  a medium term strategy of green building in the Czech Republic and CZGBC implementation plan for 2017  that should help the Council and its members to effectively meet the Vision Zero goals.

Strategy is defined as 6 basic activity pillars that were defined during the discussions with members in autumn 2015 and further 5 themes that should gradually be reflected in all 6 activity pillars. Details on each themes and pillars, as presented at the AGM are here

For beginning 2017, we plan further round table discussions to discuss your views and comments on the presented strategy and to obtain further ideas and suggestions on the Council activity so that we can effectively meet your needs and expectations.

The dates of the round tables will be announced in January 2017.

Why you should get involved?

  • you will have direct influence on green building development CZGBC activities
  • you will get full information on how to get involved in the CZGBC operation and to maximise the membership benefits
  • you will get the best support for your business in the green building sector.

If you are interested in any further information on CZGBC strategy and implementation plan, please contact

Simona Kalvoda

Executive Director 
E: | M: +420 602 221 966

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