Awareness of sustainable development has been growing

The Horizon Holding is taking over the principles of sustainable construction from their parental company in Israel.  It is therefore one of the pioneers in this area in the Czech Republic. The aim of the Horizon Holding is to provide sustainable construction for all its projects and to certify their buildings with BREAM’s Very Good certification. The company was briefly introduced by Yishay Furman, CEO of HH.

Horizon Holding is an exclusive member of the Czech Green Building Council. How important is the issue of sustainability in the Horizon Holding's projects?

Our parent company, Shikun & Binui, has been a leading sustainable construction company in Israel for several years. In 2016, it was decided to transfer this approach to our subsidiaries in Central and Eastern Europe, and therefore all new Horizon Holding projects to be sustainable. We are convinced that awareness of sustainable development is growing, and we realize that even the end-user demand in sustainable solution will be increasing. That is why we believe that in the future we will have the advantage of being among the first to start building sustainable residences in our market. Our goal is to have all of our future residential projects to acquire the BREEAM certification at the Very Good level.

BREEAM, thanks to its complexity and the number of categories in which the project is being assessed, helps us to look at the area of ​​sustainable building in a comprehensive way. That is why, in our perception, not only energy efficiency of buildings or materials used for construction are important. We care about the environment where people live and create a community. As a part of our projects, we offer facilities such as a park, a children's playground, a nursery area or a café.

Can you highlight any of the projects you've just finished? As far as I know, the Modřanka Tower project has been awarded the BREEAM "Very good" certification at its building design stage. Could you briefly describe this project?

The Modřanka Tower is part of the wider project of the Modřanka residence and is our premium product. Except the breathtaking views of the Vltava river and the green hills of Chuchle, it also offers its clients comfortable and environmentally-friendly accommodation.

In addition to efficient energy use, there is also a park museum, which is built between buildings in a horseshoe shaped space. We build on the successful realization of the 1st phase of the Park Museum in Staré Modřany and together with the creators of its design we are connecting the public space of both projects. The appearance of the geometrically designed park museum is celebrating rich history of the locality. The complex in its atmosphere addresses important events and significant natives of the locality, describes its original vegetation and presents the former geology of Old Modřany and its historical settlement. An insect hotel and a playground will be a part of the park.

The next stage of the project is a polyfunctional building which, besides other flats, will also offer spaces for services. In addition to the shops, a kindergarten will be opened.

What other projects do you prepare in the Czech Republic for the future?

We are intensively engaged in a new project called Zahálka. It will be a new residential area with 800 apartments, located near the Hodkovicky golf field and a sports recreation area by the Vltava River. At the first stage of the project including a total of 240 apartments, we have been working together with the Karlín Group. We plan to start selling the apartments in the coming weeks.

With this project, as well as with all others, we will be striving to acquire a sustainability certification. We do our best to create high-quality architecture in a city park with dozens of trees, playgrounds, meadows, water features and ecological water corridor. Irrigation of the park will use rainwater collected in retention tanks. The project will also include a small amphitheater, community garden and green roofs.

I’d also like to mention the Čámovka residence project, which is at its second stage and we believe it will be even more successful than the previous one.

The undisputable advantage of the project is its location being close to Čimické Valley and its connection to a number of cycle paths. There is now a private kindergarten, pizzeria and opticians in the Čamovka Residence. At the current stage, we will extend the park between buildings with a lot of greenery and a children's playground.

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