Environmental aspects and environmental valued offers for our clients is VCES and Linkcity committment

Interview with David Labardin, CEO Linkcity Czech republic.

VCES is an exklusive member of the Czech Green Building Council. How important are the environmental aspects of the buildings in VCES’s projects?

Environmental aspects and environmental valued offers for our clients is VCES and Linkcity committment. Not only for the final product, ie. The building, but also during the construction phase, we are implementing enviromental friendly solutions on all our construction sites, which are helping us to minimize the impacts of construction as well as to propagate the awareness of environment protection among our employees.

International developer Linkcity has expanded its activities in the Czech republic and Slovakia on industrial projects under their brand LiNK Logistic Industry. Linkcity confers a responsible approach to the environment and sustainable construction using the progressive BIM Model. Could you describe the benefits of using the BIM Model in industrial and logistics projects?

We decided to introduce the BIM on all our development projects for two main reasons. The first is better design. We are able to perform several preliminary analysis for example energy performance analysis. That means that we are able to optimize and to carry out full coordination on our projects from the very beginning of the design phase. The second reason is that we want to offer to our clients svery well prepared, complete and structured information database about thair project which they can use for the Facility Management and to reduce the operational costs. And of course BIM is necessary base line for Construction 4.0, which is also a big topic in our company.

Linkcity has started building a logistics hall Link Hradec Králove last month. The project is striving to obtain the BREEAM certificate which is only granted to buildings with a positive impact on the environment. Could you briefly introduce concrete measures leading to its sustainability?

Our target is to reach BREEAM certification on level „very good“ on all our LiNK projects. LiNK Hradec Králové project is designed with high level of natural light, LED lights, smart lighting systém eco-designed systems for coolinig and heating and many more. Last but not least - in case of LiNK Hradec Kralove project, we are committed to maintain a special ground for nest of buff-tailed bumblebee.

What other projects are going to be launched in the Czech Republic?

Logistic/industrial projects under brand LiNK are not limited only by territory of the Czech Republic. We are very close to start our next project, which is located in Slovakia, in industrial zone in Nitra. And we are very intensively working on preparation of projects are developer under BIM to bring advanced design for coordination with the technology are all targeting BREEAM very good certification. This will be next step towards more environmentally friendly buildings and well-being of employees.



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