High quality can be achieved at affordable cost

A part of the Saint - Gobain Group in the Czech Republic and the entire management moved to the new office space in the Libeň shipyards last year. We’ve asked Tomáš Rosák, Chairman of the board SGCP CZ a.s., what makes their new offices so innovative and different from other buidings.

What was the reason of your decision to move your offices and headquarters?

We have had the idea of ​​moving our headquarters to new modern buildings for some time. Previously, we had offices in a 50s building, although it was highly professionally renovated, we did not achieve the comfort level that nowadays technology could offer. Saint-Gobain is a company that wants to show the potential of today's construction, that the high quality can be reached at an affordable cost. We wanted to show our customers and employees, that it was possible, naturally we wanted to participate in the construction of the new office buildings and to operate them.

What was the main advantage of the Saint-Gobain Group’s involvement into the project for the investor himself and his partners?

A part of the whole idea was to present to the investors and the construction companies that modern construction can deliver excellent results with minimal cost increases, that it is possible to create something unique with standard staff and design teams. That’s why we were closely collaborating with the designer, investor and general contractor. For example, we were often visiting the construction site and showing everyone how to use all the technologies.

Does the new building contain products being offered by the Saint-Gobain group on the Czech market?

We believe that we have put there the largest possible number of materials and technologies that we manufacture or import in the Czech Republic from abroad. We are proud of how the offices’ look, its acoustics, how much light there is, its air flow, and what a nice and enjoyable work environment there is. I think what we have co-created here is an image of what we offer and what we stand for.

In which aspects are your offices different form other office buildings?

First, we look at the cost of operation. High quality thermal insulation is a must have, not only from the point of view of heating, but also from the point of view of air conditioning. Our operating costs are roughly 60% lower than in our previous office space, even though the new office space is larger. Another distinction that distinguishes our new offices is spatial acoustics. We have achieved high levels of acoustics even in larger meeting rooms, there is no echo, every speaker has a clear voice, is easy to understand and to keep the listener's attention. Of course, we also ensured perfect acoustics between offices to avoid distracting workers from different offices.

You were regularly in touch with the investor and his partners, looking into each detail at each stage of construction. What did you learn from this experience?

It is quite simple, it is possible to build office buildings in the top class at almost same cost to the standard ones. It is only about the investor and developer having the courage to use the systems we offer.

What do your employees think of the new office space?

In the first place, you must ask them, but because I am an employee too, I will answer you for myself. I'm extremely excited to work here, I wish everyone had a working environment like us.

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