Green facade of building AFI Karlín is going to be the langest vertical garden system in Central Europe

After nearly two years of construction, the AFI Karlín office centre has been completed. "Unique will be the green façade of AFI Karlín that will be the largest not only in the CR but also in the Central Europe," says Doron Klein, CEO AFI EUROPE Czech Republic.

Currently, the construction of the AFI Karlín (Butterfly) office building in Karlín is under way. The AFI Karlín Building is striving for BREEAM certificate. How important is the issue of environmental friendliness in AFI Europe’s projects?

The environmental friendliness is very important to AFI Europe not only in the Czech Republic but all over our portfolio. Each new office/ retail development is designed and built targetting to the highest green certificate

The BREEAM certificate only deserves buildings with a positive impact on the environment. Could you briefly introduce concrete measures leading to the enviromental friendliness of AFI Karlín building?

Unique will be the green façade of AFI Karlín that will be the largest not only in the CR but also in the Central Europe. Beside its esthetic side it will also fulfil a practical function of decreasing dustiness and regulating air humidity and so the façade temperature. On its total 1,400 m2 will grow cca 60 000 plants.

Among other environmental solutions belong for example windows with three isolations layers, LED lighting of all common areas including garage, elevators with electricity recuperation on the down ride, automatic external shutters controlled according to the sun shine, charging station for electric cars, air-conditioning with heat recuperation, underground tank for the rain water from the roofs and its further use for the irrigation system around the building.

AFI Karlín has been attracting a lot of attention from the tenants’ side. We have obtained the final building approval in December 2017 and have 80 % from the total 23,000 m2 of the laseable space leased. First tenants will be moving in in March.

I would also like to mention our office project AFI Vokovice in Prague 6 where we are aiming at LEED Platinum. Its completion is planned for August this year and we have 70% from the total 14,000 m2 of the laseable space under contracts.

You implement projects in different countries. Is the approach according to your experiences to a new sustainable construction different compared to Czech Republic?

We are active in the CEE/ SEE region and see almost no difference in the approach to the construction sustainability issue.

What projects do you prepare in the future in the Czech Republic?

AFI City project is a mix-use development near Kolbenova metro station in Vysočany, Prague 9, where we revitalize a brownfield on an area of almost 15ha. Residential part of AFI City includes 470 flats, half of them were finished and the construction of the second half has started. In the middle of this year we what to start construction of building A, that belongs to the commercial part totaling 90,000 sqm GFA and will offer 15,000 sqm of leaseable area in a 18 storey office tower.

Further we plan in the next few years to complete the residential project Tulipa Třebešín with its total more than 700 flats. 183 units were finished and handed over last year and this year we will finish further 250 flats that already have their future owners. The remaining 300 units will be done in two phases out of which the first is already under construction and on sale.

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