ACHB Conference: SMART BUILDING 2018

Wellness Hotel Step, Malletova 1141/4, Praha 9, 8:00 - 16:30

ACHB Conference: SMART BUILDING 2018

KDY: 12.9. 2018, 8:00 - 16:30
KDE: Wellness HOTEL STEP, Malletova 1141/4, Praha 9,  (mapa)

The Smart Living Association, in cooperation with Economia, invites you to the 4th SMART BUILDING 2018 conference, which will take place on September 12 from 8:00 in the STEP Wellness Hotel in Prague.

Lack of natural resources and climate change are the main challenges for the next decade. Reducing energy consumption and using renewable energy sources are few of the main objectives of smart cities where buildings have a crucial role in the energy performance. The use of innovative solutions and their interconnection through smart technologies in buildings will increasingly lead to more efficient management, high-quality internal environment and real-time communication.

The fourth year of the conference will present topics and technologies for both smart and sustainable buildings. The key topics of the blocks will focus on the following issues: What influences the development of smart buildings? What technologies and smart solutions are available? How to create smarter and sustainable buildings? The conference will introduce you to the design possibilities, examples of realizations and best practices.

The conference program is mainly designed for architects, designers, electric designers, developers, investors and representatives of building companies, students and other professionals.



In case of questions, please contact:
Ing. Jana Diatková
E:, M: +420 608 426 858

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