Conference: Quality of internal environment focused on ventilation

Nadace ABF, Václavské nám. 31, Praha 1, 9:00 - 15:00

Conference: Quality of internal environment focused on ventilation

WHEN: 22.2.2018 (9:00 -15: 00)
WHERE: ABF Foudation, Václavské nám. 31, Prague 1 (map)

A conference on the Quality of internal environment focused on ventilation is organised by Czech Green Building Council in cooperation with ABF Foundation and ČKLOP. We would like to invite you to a unique discussion meeting that will address the implementation of the ventilation concept into practice. Representatives of developers, SMO, SEF, ČMSBD, product and technology suppliers will share their views and experiences.


  • Introduction to the Ventilation Concept - Introduction to the current situation - Jan Bedřich, ČKLOP
  • Measurement of different EQA value ​​in schools and nursery schools - results - Bohumil Kotlík, SZÚ
  • Ventilation of buildings, theory and practice - prof. Ing. František Drkal, CSc., professor emeritus at the Institute of Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, CTU in Prague
  • Designer´s practical experience with the conceptual design of ventilation, including practical examples - Martin Jindrák, Passivprojekt
  • Experience of the developer with meeting the requirements of the ventilation concept - Jan Hruška, Skanska
  • Quality of the Ventilation Concept as a prerequisite for a high quality realization of the construction - Jan Klečka, Metrostav
  • Samples of technologies and ventilation units – MINIEXPO exhibition
  • Panel discussion - theory and practice - harmony or contradiction
  • Overview of complete internal environment quality – Simona Kalvoda, CZGBC, Ondřej Boreš, Velux, Roman Šalamoun, Jablotron Living Technology
  • Financial sources - overview of support programs - Jakub Hrbek, SEF
  • Case studies - Tomáš Kašpar, LUKA Living Rental Apartments
  • Case studies Concept - Litoměřice – Facility management of schools - Jaroslav Klusák
  • Examples of projects abroad - Jan Bárta, Passive House Centre
  • Conclusion of the conference. Summary of the presented information - Ing. Jan Fibiger, CSc.

The Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic approved the Ventilation Concept as a rule of good practice TPW 170 01 with registration number HKCR / 4/17/01 of 16. 8. 2017. In the framework of presentations and discussions, we will answer the questions that will arise during the event.

ADMISSION (To get a discount, select an organization in the application form, please):

CZGBC and ČKLOP members 990 CZK

Academics 630 CZK

Students 90 CZK

Other 1 800 CZK


EVENT IS DESIGNED FOR: designers and architects, development representatives, representatives of municipalities, state administration bodies, representatives of housing cooperatives, universities, sanitary stations, and organizations associated in the SIA CR, energy experts, and product and technology suppliers.

MINIEXPO: The Miniexpo exhibition will be part of the conference, inviting suppliers of materials, product technology and software to deal with ventilation, heating, cooling and optimization of internal environment requirements and suppliers of suitable cladding. Taking part in Miniexpo will open the way for the markets of quality and points to the RABF (Quality Rating). In case of interest in taking part in Miniexpo, more information is provided HERE.

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