Park Hloubětín

Park Hloubětín The proposed complex of flats consists of 3 blocks of flats with 115 flats and several commercial units intended mainly for servicing the residents. The objects are of four storey design with one or two receding storeys, which offer comfortable southern flats with spacious terraces. An integral part of the project is also construction of a park of approximate area 3 000 m², which runs through the entire premises and provides adequate space for leisure, but also many playing elements for children. All traffic shall be confined to the underground garages, the surface shall be used maximally for greenery.

The dispositions of the flats are elaborate with emphasis on sunlight, brightness, vistas and user comfort. All the flats are thanks to their design, controlled ventilation with heat recuperation in all flats and generally minimum heating energy consumption, place them in the ranks of passive blocks of flats that fulfil strict criteria, are environmental friendly and create a unique climate for their inhabitants, which is typical only for these modern blocks.

Sustainability criteria:
- Plastic windows with insulating triple glass
- Central ventilation with heat recuperation
- Extraordinary warm cladding of the carcass of thickness 200 mm
- Preparations for exterior electrically controlled louvres
- Economical LED lights in the common areas and garages
- Photovoltaic panels on the roofs of the objects
- Average energy consumption for heating purpose is 13 kWh/m2/year
- The walls are made of limestone-sand blocks, plaster block wall partitions
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