The Question Mark building

The Question Mark building

Training Centre The Question Mark building is the first passive energy office building in the Czech Republic, it was officially opened in September 2011 in Ostrava. The building has the following functions: administrative and at the same time training and the model. Zumtobel Lighting s.r.o. designed and supplied lighting solutions, including lighting control management.

The basic modular grid is repeated in the four floors above the other, so the building has a capacity of elongated four-storey block with a flat roof 23 m x 15 m and height 15.4 m. Simple and functional layout locates vertical communication and social rooms and technological facilities along the far north side of the building, the remaining space on the ground floor of the northern front is used at the entrance reception and other floors, corner offices.

To meet the passive house criteria the building is equipped with a powerful heat shield and glass surfaces in the housing are minimized. Opening windows are therefore designed more from a psychological point of view. All panels in the building envelope are designed with passive energy design solution ie high-quality triple glazing and profiles for passive houses. Potection the excessive heat from sunlight in the summer and to reduce nighttime heat loss in the winter, the windows are equipped with efficient outdoor blinds with control connected to the lighting control. 

When heating is calculated with all profits from the heat of people and office equipment. Balance of heat to cover the losses, especially in winter at night, is added hot water heating. Furthermore, heat losses minimized mechanical ventilation with heat recovery very effective in cutting-edge ventilation and heat recovery units. Heat for heating water and sanitary facilities for heating in winter, in summer sourced from solar collectors and stored in the reservoir. 

Coolness in summer is obtained from a reverse heat pump and stored in cold storage and used in ventilation units. In the winter this heat pump is heat recovery for hot water heating. Bivalent source for water heating is electric power. Management of the internal environment of the building in terms of optimum performance and stability is automated quality control system with the latest features and flexible program.

Sustainability Criteria:

Building Design
The strong heat shield with minimized holes.

Heating, Cooling and Ventilation
For the heating used mostly the heat from the collectors on the roof.Heat pump water / air

Lighting design
Design and delivery of the lighting including lighting management and emergency lighting was by Zumtobel Lighting s.r.o.. Regulation of individual lighting is based on information from the central daylight sensor and presence detector in rooms. To the control of lighting are added allso blinds when their top third is filmed so that the natural light reflected on the ceiling. This indirect component is added in the total illumination. 


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