Council Mission

The Czech Green Building Council (CZGBC) integrates companies and organizations from all sectors of the economy related to the real estate market and the construction industry and stimulates the market to transform methods of design, construction, renovation and operation of buildings and urban structures with the aim to create a healthy, prosperous, environmentally and socially friendly built environment that enhances the quality of life.

Green buildings are to become a standard in Czech Republic.


Czech buildings will enhance human productivity, health and comfort whilst consuming no more energy than they produce. The property investment life cycle will be a driver for sustainable economic growth creating meaningful jobs. It will also make a positive contribution to ecological value and biodiversity whilst eliminating all negative environmental impacts including light, air, noise and watercourse pollution. The construction process will be extremely resource efficient, use low lifecycle impact materials and generate no waste.


Want to know more about our deliverables? Please download our yearly reports of activities (Related documents on the right side of this page).

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