Tomáš Andrejsek, Chairman of the Board

Tomáš Andrejsek is the Managing partner in the company ELAN Interior, which operates in the field of interior design of offices and their furnishing. He has been active in building industry and interior design since 1998, he built and for 10 years managed the Czech and Slovak representation of Kaldewei company. Since 2011, he manages with his partner the Czech representation of ELAN Interior. In the Council, he is engaged in the internal environment of buildings.

Karolína Dvořáková, Board member
Karolína work for Horizon Holding company, active in the area of residential development, that is the daughter company of Shikun &Binui Real Estate Development, where she hold the position of Sustainability Coordinator. Her task is to integrate strategies and principles of sustainable development within the countries of middle and eastern Europe – Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Serbia, where – among others –  She coordinate implementation of BREEAM and LEED in their multi-residential projects. 

Roman Kraiczy, Board member
Roman Kraiczy is an architect and urbanist and the project manager of the Sekyra Group. He has a long term experience from Germany where he participated in urban and regulatory planning or reconstructions and realizations of new municipal buildings. In Sekyra Group, he is responsible for projects related to three major development areas in Prague: revitalization of the freight railway station in Prague Žižkov, revitalization of Praha Smichov train station, and urban revitalization and development of the territory Rohanský island.

Petr Kašík, Board member
Petr Kašík is a director the Czech company AMiT, which develops and produces control systems for building automation. Entire professional life working in the field of industrial automation, has recently focused mainly on the BMS, indoor environment, energy monitoring and dispatching centers. The Council wants to encourage the development of activities in the regions and promote its goals and vision among regional potential members.

Robert Leníček, Vicechairman of  the Board
Robert Leníček is an architect and partner in the company Len+k Architects, one of the founding members of CZGBC. He is responsible for creative and coordinating management of bigger projects and company developement in the area of applied modern design tools and sustainability. In the Council, he has been part of organization team of the Green Building conference and since 2013 a member of the Board.

Antonín Lupíšek, Board member
Antonín Lupíšek is an expert in sustainability assessment systems and performance of built environment. He is Executive Head of research programme Architecture and Interaction of Buildings with the Environment at the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings and Professor Assistant at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague. He is a founding member of Czech Sustainable Building Society, active member of the International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment and one of the founders of the Czech Green Building Council.

Libor Musil, Board member
Libor Musil is headmaster of family company LIKO-S since its foundation in 1992. Nowdays he is the Chairman of LIKO-S Board. LIKO-S has been involved in environmentally friendly building craftsmanship seeks to change attitudes of Czech architecture in the same direction. It focuses primarily on the management of buildings with water-green facade so that the object not rice heat into its surroundings. Member of the Czech Green Building Council, the company LIKO-S became in 2016. The building development center Liko-Noe won in 2015 in the Boardroom compete in the Section Healthy office. Liko-Noe seeks to become the first Island building in Czech Republic . Besides Libor Musil is board member of the Association of small and medium enterprise traders Republic.


Ondřej Šrámek, Board member
Ondřej Šrámek works in Knauf Insulation as the Public Afffairs manager for Eastern Europe. In CZGBC has been operating since 2010. At the beginning of 2011 he established the task group Sustainable Materials. He is also one of the leaders of initiative Chance for Buildings. Ondřej studied international politics and political science at the University of Economics in Prague. He also studied at the University of Queensland in Australia and in the University at Albany in USA.

Petr Vogel, Secretary of the Board
Petr Vogel is the main initiator and founder of the Czech Green Building Council. He is also a representative of EkoWATT (Centre for renewables and energy savings). As a consultant, he is focused on energy efficiency of buildings, indoor environment, computer simulation of the human behaviour and intergated planning of buildings. Petr participates on analyses of newly developed projects, reconstructions, existing buildings mainly focused on shopping malls and industrial centres. He significantly contributes to research projects in EkoWATT.

Karel Fronk, Board member
Karel is Head of the Sustainable Development Unit at SKANSKA, where he is responsible for the company's sustainability activities, particularly in the areas of green business, environmental protection, management and community support. SKANSKA has been operating since 2004, from the beginning to the fields of environmental protection, integrated management systems and sustainable development. Prior to joining SKANSKA, he devoted himself to Local Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development at the Czech Ecological Institute


built and for 10 years managed the Czech and Slovak representation of Kaldewei company
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